CLOUD/TEN Hard Bong Case for 18” Beakers and Straight Shots


  • CLOUD/TEN Water Pipe Carrying Case has a padded interior and foam inserts to fit glass water pipes for smoking up to 18 inches tall with a maximum base size of 5×5 inches – INCLUDES CASE ONLY
  • Durable Hard Case measures 20”x 7.5”x 7.5” with a rigid exterior, heavy-duty zipper and 6x rubber foot pads ; Glass Water pipe Case comes with FREE ODOR PROOR HERB CANNISTER
  • Included customizable foam cushion (11”x 5”x 3”) has pre-scored, diced cubes that can be removed to fit bowls, downstems or other glass water pipe accessories
  • CLOUD/TEN Hard Case for Glass Water Pipe is recommended to fit 1 Diamond Glass Water Pipe , Illadelph Glass Pipe , GRAV Labs , Zob Glass Water Pipe , RooR Glass , MediCali and More
  • Includes 4x convoluted foam inserts that can be used to make a snug fit for your Smoking Water Pipe and Water Pipe Attachments – DOES NOT INCLUDE BLOWN GLASS
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CLOUD/TEN Durable Water Pipe Case Fits Glass Water Pipes for Smoking Up To 18”
The CLOUD/TEN Glass Water Pipe Case is built with a durable, rigid exterior that is designed to withstand most drops and impacts. The interior is lined with custom foam padding and includes a customizable cushion for storing your water pipe attachment as well as four foam inserts to keep your water pipe safe inside. The case is portable and tough, designed for protecting your Glass Smoking Tube when traveling to your next session or storing your Heady Glass for later use. DOES NOT INCLUDE GLASS.

Durable Exterior Designed for Travel
The exterior dimensions of the CLOUD/Ten Hard Case for Glass WaterPipes measure 20.0 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches, and the outline of the case is offset only by 6 rubber bottom resting pads so the bottom of your case doesn’t scratch, and the rubber carrying handle that collapses when not in use. The heavy-duty zipper has two sliders for easy opening and keeping your water pipe for herb free of dust and debris.

Custom Padded Protective Interior
The CLOUD/TEN Hard Case Fits Beakers and Straight Tubes with a maximum height of 18 inches and a maximum base size of 5 x 5 inches. Four foam included inserts measuring 14 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches can be arranged or altered to perfectly fit your glass, while a pre-scored. diced foam block with a maximum usable space of 9.5”x 4.0”x 2.5” can be customized to fit your glass accessories and fits snugly into the lid. Keep your Water Pipe , Ash Catcher, Downstem and Bowls organized in one place together until you’re ready to smoke.



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