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Magic Flight Launch Box MINI Hard Case


  • CLOUD/Ten Smell Proof Case For Magic Flight Launch Box , Two Batteries and Included Herb Canister
  • Impact Absorbing Padded Interior Provides Shock and Drop Protection For the Magic Flight Launch Box
  • Solid Silicone Insert and Durable Latches Keep All Scents and Odors Contained Within the Case
  • Ideal For Discreet Travel and Storage Measuring 5.5″ x 3.8″ x 2.0″. Includes FREE HERB CANISTER
  • Crush Resistant Exterior is Durable and Is Perfect to take Anywhere – INCLUDES CASE AND CANISTER ONLY , MFLB NOT INCLUDED

CLOUD/TEN Compact Smell Proof Case W/ Free herb Canister – Fits Magic Flight , Two batteries , Canister and Small Accessories
Discreetly keep everything needed to use your magic flight launch box on the go. To protect your portable device from damage, the inside of the case is lined with a dense convoluted padded foam top and soft foam bottom to absorb shock from impacts and drops. This provides protection for the magic flight at all times and helps prevent damage to the heating element. The padded foam interior lightly pushes down on the magic flight to prevent movement and vibration. The rigid plastic exterior prevents your device from being smashed and can be taken anywhere.

Discreet Travel and Storage
This Case Measures 5.5” x 3.8” x 2” so it conveniently fits in any backpack , bag or large pocket. Take this case with you or keep your device safely and discreetly stored in your room. There is a built-in area to attach a lanyard or carabiner for hiking or camping. The solid black design is discreet and can be carried by hand. Conveniently stay organized and keep everything you need to use your handheld device in one place when traveling.

Odor Resistant Airtight Seal
The interior of the case is lined with a solid silicone base with dense rim liner to securely keep smells and scents within the case. Heavy-Duty latches firmly keep it held against the silicone. Keep this case in your room, car or other area all day with no smells escaping. Includes airtight screw valve to adjust pressure.


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