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Cloudten 16 inch Smell Odor Block Water pipe Case Fits up to 13.5 inch Glass Pieces with Impact Absorbing Protective Customizable Foam


  • Perfect for traveling with water pipe and accessories. Smell and Odor Resistant design has solid rubber seal liner to help prevent scents from escaping
  • Durable and Rugged Construction fits Water pipes with Maximum Length of 14″ and Maximum Base Depth of 4.5″. Please measure and ensure your piece is within mentioned dimensions
  • Contains fully customizable pre-scored foam Interior that absorbs impacts and keeps your glass safe during travel
  • The customizable foam is easily removable and precut into tiny foam cubes that you tear. You must remove the size of the compartment desired for water pipe and accessories
  • Contains carry handle, Built in pressure relief valve , Padlock compatible for security , External dimensions (L x W x H): 16″ x 13.5″ x 6.5″ , Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 14″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″
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Smokesafe Large Airtight Odor and Smell Resistant Case for Glass Hookah Waterpipe and Accessories – Contains dense customizable foam to protect glass , Rugged crushproof exterior , Handle for travel and Solid rubber O-Ring for an airtight seal

Durable Design to Keep Your Glass Protected
This case is constructed from heavy duty durable plastic to prevent your piece from being crushed. The thick plastic can withstand significant amounts of pressure and is built to last. The interior consist of multiple foam layers for impact protection. The top is lined with eggcrate foam, there is a fully customizable diced middle layer and a soft padded bottom piece of foam. You can be confident your Hookah water pipe will be protected at all times. Heavy Duty Latches Firmly Snap shut to keep it closed and thick metal pins are used on all hinges.

Odor Resistant Design
This case contains an interlocking plastic rim for a tight closure and a solid rubber O-ring liner. The fitted plastic rim firmly closes into the O-ring providing an airtight seal. This helps prevents scents from within the case escaping into the surrounding environment.

Ideal For Travel
This case is discreetly designed in a solid black color to avoid standing out. A sturdy handle rests on top of the case and hinges on metal pins for conveniently carrying with you. Discreetly keep it stored in your room or take with you when needed.

Fully Customizable Interior Makes a Perfect Fit
The middle foam layer is designed with pre-cut foam squares that you must remove to make custom compartments for your waterpipe and accessories. This allows you to design a snug fit compartment perfectly designed for your piece that prevents it from being damaged and moving. There will be foam protecting your pipe from all angles.

Fits: OiL Rig Hookahs , Water Pipes , Rigs , Containers , Grinders , lighters, and other Accessories


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